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OK im getting a lot of requests to have characters who specialize in a style of combat.

I think you guys have been watching too much anime and not reading enough western comics.

We're talking superpowers.

if you think that makes a character unrelateable... go read the series Invincible
I already took the tech based hero because I am giving him flaws in his work.

unlike say... Batman...

my character isn't a multibillionaire....

he lives in his parents basement

he builds his stuff out of spare parts....

maybe a storyline synopsis is in order.

The big league heroes....

The outlaws were a part of them.

my character then was actually provided supplies

after they got kicked out. ( making a character who screwed it up for their sect )
they stopped fighting.

cut to future...

Time comes.... the heroes in the big leagues are facing an enemy...

they are getting slaughtered...

word gets on the news.... one of the Outlawed heroes rises to the task..

then another...

yaddi yadda....

Ill finish a plot later but so far we got the idea

so... think actual comic superheros
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