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Secret identity: Amanda Humes

Powers: Stretchy elastic-like qualities of the body. Surgically implanted eyeballs with special abilities.


Elasticity - can stretch/shrink any part of her body much like elastic. This includes minor shapeshifting like becoming taller/shorter, shrinking/stretching length of hair, nose, breasts, etc.

Eyes - 1. Superhuman vision. Cans see twice as far as a human with exceptional sight.
2. Infrared vision. Can sense heat much like infrared goggles would.
3. Nightvision. Can see twice as well as a human with exceptional sight in the dark.
4. Magnifying vision. Can see things like very small print or other itty bitty things.
5. Underwater vision. Water does not affect her sight like it does normal eyes.
6. X-ray vision. Obvious.

Costume - Black and green as shown. Black is leather, green is spandex. Bulletproof and can stretch as much as she can.

Weapons - Now, I feel that superheros shouldn't have weapons to kill things with, because good guys don't kill, but you're all doing it, so she's got a set of knives for slashing and throwing, along with deadly accuracy. She hides 'em in her boots and attaches 'em to her belt.

Colored Manda
This was a lot of fun to draw even though I killed it by coloring it funny. I tried a different approach than what I'm used to when coloring things (I usually color my pics like this) and it didn't turn out like I wanted.

Costume. and then while I had fun, I realized that it didn't show what the costume looked like, which was the whole point, so I scribbled this picture to let Kell know what to draw. I know it's fucking huge and I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to be so big, but I ain't changing it now.

And here's the sketch to show that my picture didn't start as bad as the color made it. Again I'm sorry for the size of the pic.
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