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In case you thought I gave up...

Oh no of course i didn't give up on the comic... In fact a 3 page intro featuring the (redesigned and renamed hero) REMIX will likely be published in this years issue of "The League of Sequential Storytellers"

The following are the current heros with names ( cept for Amanda's She still needs to come up with an old name and a new name )

From left to right

Formerly The red ghost,
Now Crimson Wraith.

Middle, Formerly Teknight
Now Remix.

And... amandas character...

as for the others..... I need costume ideas people.... quick ( even bad sketches i dont care the quality ) of the basic costume of the characters are needed if I am going to do anything with your character. YES A COSTUME NO NOT STREET CLOTHES!!! THEY'RE OUTLAWS!!!! PEOPLE CANT KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!

anyway..... yeah been doing a lot....

that drawing was done about 2 hours before i left to come home today ( well technically yesterday.... but still )

Keep the ideas for costumes coming and I can convert them.

anyway... gonna go get some sleep tonight w00t.
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